4 tips for organizing a networking type event

4 tips for organizing a networking type event. Networking-type events have become an essential professional tool for developing your network and promoting your services. 

It is true that the year 2020 has turned habits upside down, but technologies have made it possible to continue to be able to organize such meetings.

4 tips for organizing a networking type event

Online or offline, the keys to a successful “networking” event are the same, you just have to adapt them.

Target the objectives well

This is probably the most important aspect for attendees to fully benefit from networking. Vague and general themes - such as a "Meeting of ambitious young entrepreneurs" - should be avoided, because the expectations of an "ambitious young baker".

It is advisable to focus on a niche, or on a specific theme. This guarantees that the content of this networking will be profitable for all the participants, who will then cease to tell anyone who will listen how useful this networking event has been to them.

If you have several topics to discuss, it may be interesting to organize different events of smaller size, but with a perfectly targeted audience each time.

Promote this event

This is true both before and after the networking in question.

You can start talking about the event several weeks in advance on social networks, on your web page, etc. You can also send out a mailing or send out personalized invitations, or even call the people you want to attend directly.

It is equally important to talk about it after it has taken place, using the same channels. Thank the participants, publish a video made during the event, and write an article summarizing the topics discussed… The main thing is to continue to promote, to gain visibility.

Don't forget the giveaways

It is absolutely unthinkable to organize a networking event without offering at least a notepad and a personalized pen. Even if no one admits it, all participants expect to receive something.

The choice of these promotional items can sometimes be complicated, and, if you don't have a brilliant idea, you can always fall back on the classics, useful and always pleasing: the notebook, the key ring, the bag of sweets…

And for e-networking?

Some think they can make some savings on these promotional items now that networking is done by videoconference… This is a serious mistake!

More than ever, that little personal touch is essential when you don't have direct contact. Print a personalized mask with the name and date of the event (you can do it on this site), and send it to all participants.

Facilitate interactions and avoid downtime

For a social event like networking, there's only one thing worse than awkward silence: awkward silence that drags on!

If everything goes like a dream, everyone will discuss exciting topics with everyone without you having to intervene. But, in reality, participants are likely to hesitate to make the first move, not know how to approach a stranger, and everyone remains silent in their corner.

Assume your role as an organizer

It's up to you to take the first step and put people at ease. Make introductions, start conversations, and strive to chat with everyone. If it's to spend an hour catching up on a former colleague while the other participants are bored, there's no point...

Keep the discussion alive

When a subject runs out, that dreaded awkward silence may return… Don't panic! All you have to do is pretend nothing happened and start a new topic of conversation. It may sound strange, but it's the secret of those who manage to capture everyone's attention (think Stand-Up artists).


Social distancing is not a reason to stop working on your network, quite the contrary: it's the perfect time to reconnect with old colleagues or create new professional relationships.

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