How to make a business provider invoice

How to make a business provider invoice? The main concern of any business is finding and retaining customers in order to avoid poor sales. 

To do this, many companies use the expertise of business Introducers. The latter is an intermediary between the prospect and the company. 

How to make a business provider invoice?

He offers the company's products and services to the customer in order to encourage them to consume. This article outlines the steps to follow to establish an invoice from a business provider.

The development of the business introducer invoice

To establish a business provider invoice, you must first have legal status as a company recognized by the state. When you are a business provider with a commercial register, establishing the invoice is easier. It should be remembered that two options are available to business introducers for their invoicing. So he can:

  • to be remunerated in the event of the conclusion of a sale by the customer
  • get paid when you establish a relationship between the company and the potential customer.

To issue an invoice to a business provider with a trade register, you simply have to make a classic invoice. Indeed, on the classic invoice, certain mandatory information must appear. 

Thus, you have the number followed by the date of preparation of the invoice. The invoice must keep the customer's name and contact details. The legal form of the company to which the business contributor is affiliated is also prescribed on the invoice.

The SIREN number as well as the individual identification number for VAT must be mentioned on the invoice. In addition, the invoice must include the total amount to be paid (excl. VAT), the VAT rate, as well as the terms of payment. As a business provider, you must mention the price of your service on the invoice. 

Here, it is a question of putting the number of customers found. It should be remembered that the business contributor must first define in his contract the amount of remuneration if he finds a client for the company. In addition, the preparation of a business provider invoice does not require specific mentions. Also, no social contribution should be applied to the invoice.

The development of a business introducer invoice as an individual

Business contributors who independently exercise their activity with a company can also draw up an invoice. It should be remembered that individuals work occasionally with a company without even having legal status.

The general rules to follow to establish the invoice of the private business introducer

The establishment of this invoice does not in any way correspond to the classic invoice when it is a question of a legal company. At this level, the individual simply makes an honorary note to mention his hours of service with their equivalent price.

Moreover, the development of the honorary note does not in any way benefit the company with which the individual works. In this sense, certain additional costs are borne by the company depending on your services and the amount to be paid. 

Thus, it is obliged to redefine the status of the provision of the individual in an employment contract. Under these conditions, the company is subject to paying social contribution costs as well as certain increases or penalties.

In addition, before a particular business provider issues an invoice to a company, the administration verifies two criteria. The first concerns the repetitive remuneration of the business provider by the company. 

When the administration finds this, it automatically submits the individual to the general scheme for employees with social security contributions. The second criterion concerns the relationship of subordination that may exist between the individual and the company.

Some specificities when establishing an invoice for a private business provider

The particular business provider must not provide more than five services in a calendar year. For this reason, he should not consider this activity as his main activity. Otherwise, he simply has to create a company to have his trade register. 

In this way, issuing invoices is easier. Similarly, the invoice of a particular business introducer is exempt from VAT, because it is not subject to VAT.

On the other hand, an individual who brings business (customers) to a company may be paid in the form of business gifts. The latter is a very advantageous payment method for companies. However, the administration may reconsider gift expenses when they are huge.

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