What is a back-end developer and what training do you need to become one

What is a back-end developer and what training do you need to become one? If you're all about web stuff, chances are back-end developer work will interest you, or at least intrigue you. 

It is a central position since, without it, websites and applications would not exist. Look at this work unknown to some and which remains very promising for the future.

The back-end developer takes care of the invisible part

When surfing the Internet, we can be attracted by certain sites, thanks to their colors or overall design. But anything that can be considered artistic on a website or app would not exist if there was no back-end developer to keep the site running smoothly. 

Indeed, it is he who designs the technical architecture of the website, then who sets up and joins all the parts they include. Once everything is installed, he will have to check that everything works well, while managing the interactions between applications. To do this, he will have to configure everything, then ensure the maintenance of the server and the database.

What is a back-end developer and what training do you need to become one

It is therefore normal that with this level of responsibility, attractive remuneration is offered. Indeed, the salary of a back-end developer, starts above 30,000 euros per year, for a junior, and can quickly double with accumulated experience, over the years.

 It is, therefore, a job much sought after by young people, especially due to the fact that the demand on the market is not decreasing. Today's world goes through the virtual (web), and those who want to create a niche there, necessarily need the work of a back-end developer, for an elaborate, quality website.

What is the training needed to become a back-end developer?

This job requires IT training. But like many others, in the sector, it is possible to choose different routes, in order to achieve your goals. There are therefore a large number of possibilities ranging from obtaining a DUT / BTS in computer science to professional training in computer science or even studies that will lead to a license. 

However, you should know that a graduate course in computer science will always be preferred by employers or one that would include a school of engineering.

What is the job of a back-end developer?

In general, a technical developer will depend on the technical project manager of the company who will call on his services. The latter may ask him to take care of many tasks. 

First of all, he may be called upon to act as a consultant, in order to fully understand and define the needs of the client, for whom the site or application will be built. 

From there, he will then have to suggest technical solutions, which if accepted, will have to be translated into real functionalities for the project in question.

It may also be that he joins the development, in a second stage, that is to say when the site or application already exists. 

Its role will then become to develop existing solutions in order to better meet the new needs of the client or to facilitate use for the user. To do this, he may have to collaborate with the front-end developer.

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